XF IQ4 100MP Camera System


The XF IQ4 100MP Camera System is a robust configuration, suitable for most professional applications. Built on the powerful IQ4 Infinity Platform, and with accurate color rendition, the XF IQ4 100MP is a camera built for the modern editorial and product professional.


101MP (CMOS)


15 f-stops


35 – 12800


11608 x 8708


XQD, CFexpress, SD, Capture One


Ethernet, USB-C, Wireless




The XF Camera System

Adaptive workflow. Decisive quality. Dedicated to world-class photography.


Built for professionals

The XF Camera System is a powerhouse for the professional photographer. Offering a customizable workflow that seamlessly adapts to fast-changing industry needs, and tools built specifically for the demanding requirements of the professional photographer, delivering the highest quality at a premium rate is at your fingertips.

Key features

Uncompromised image quality

The XF Camera System delivers uncompromised image quality thanks to quality Schneider Kreuznach optics and high resolution full frame medium format sensors.

Phase One’s full frame medium format sensors, 1.5x the size of crop sensor mirrorless medium format, allow you to capture more data, providing more detail and impressive results so that you can achieve your creative vision straight out of the camera. With the expanded output flexibility provided by the high resolution and up to 15 stops of dynamic range, your workflow options grow exponentially.

A robust camera and expert support you can rely on

The XF Camera System is built for longevity – consistently delivering reliable results year after year. Service demanding clients confidently with the assurance that you are always ready to shoot thanks to our unrivaled uptime guarantee and expert team of technical supporters and local Partners.

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