• Colorama Diffuser Rúllur

    21.500 kr.
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  • Colorama Paper Brake

    5.590 kr.
    • Gradually controlled steps for pulling down paper
    • Stops the core from rotating on the crossbar freely
    • Simply slides into the existing 5.4cm cardboard core
    • Re-usable, can be simply changed from one roll to the other
    • Supplied in two pieces one for each end of the roll
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  • Colorama Translum Translucent 30x30cm

    11.590 kr.
    • Can be used to diffuser lights
    • Use as a diffuser to achieve soft, delicate light
    • Smooth and texture free
    • Translum is a versatile, semi translucent polypropylene material designed for diffusing light and creating stunning visual effects in the studio or on location. The assorted pack contains 6 (30 x 30cm) sheets. 2 of each weight (Light 2/4stop, Medium 1.5stop, Heavy 2stop).
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