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Pro System

  • Profoto Pro 10 2400 Air TTL

    Fyrirspurn um verðtilboð sendist á beco@beco.is

    Profoto Pro 10 2400 Air TTL

    Fyrirspurn um verðtilboð sendist á beco@beco.is

    Vörunúmer: 901010

    Our flagship flash, the Pro-10 is the perfect fusion of breathtaking speed and impressive power. It achieves a record-breaking short flash duration of up to 1/80,000s. But even more impressive, it keeps both the flash duration and recycling time extremely short higher up the power scale. No other flash comes close to this combination of speed and power.
    At the same time the Pro-10 is remarkably easy to use, delivering consistently outstanding performance spiced with TTL and HSS. It allows you to freeze split moments in time and capture powder and liquid in unprecedented detail and clarity. The Pro-10 opens new creative opportunities and allows you to create images you never dreamed were possible. Now the only limits are the extent of your imagination.

    Delivers 2400Ws with precision and control over an 11 f-stop power range in 1/10 f-stop increment on two outlets.
    Freeze the moment with flash durations up to 1/80,000s.
    Capture the action with super quick bursts up to 50 flashes per second.
    Shoot with AirTTL or manual mode and connect wirelessly with other AirTTL flashes.
    Control ambient light with HSS and get create crisp images without motion blur at shutter speeds up to 1/8,000s.
    Can be wirelessly controlled from up to a 300 m range with any optional Air Remote.
    Durable and built to shoot at high volumes with incredible color consistency and reliability.
    Simple, intuitive user interface with large, high-resolution display.
    Compatible with 9 different flash heads and 120+ Profoto Light Shaping Tools.

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