• Arista Arifix Powder Fixer

    3.400 kr.


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  • Bómullarhanskar/Nylonhanskar

    900 kr.
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  • Eco Pro LegacyPro Ascorbic Acid Powder – Black and White Film Developer

    3.990 kr.
    • 2 Part Powder
    • Quality / Grain Equivalent to Kodak Xtol
    • Makes 5 Liters of Developer
    • Hydroquinone Free
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  • Ilford ID-11

    3.790 kr.

    Ilford ID-11

    3.790 kr.
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  • Ilford Ilfosol 3 500ml

    7.990 kr.


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  • Ilford Ilfostop 500ml

    7.590 kr.


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  • Ilford Microphen 1L

    3.590 kr.
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  • Ilford Multigrade Dev 500ml

    6.890 kr.


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  • Ilford Multigrade FB Warm 17,8×24 100 stk Glossy

    23.900 kr.
    • Framköllunarpappír
    • 17,8×24
    • Semi matt
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  • Ilford Multigrade FB Warm 17,8×24 100 stk Semi Matt

    23.900 kr.
    • Framköllunarpappír
    • 17,8×24
    • Semi matt
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  • Ilford Multigrade Filters 15x15cm

    15.500 kr.

    Easy to use, speed matched filters with pre-defined grades. Designed to work with black & white photographic enlargers and colour enlargers in white light mode.

    • Simple contrast control
    • Speed matched with pre-defined grades
    • Half grade increments from 00 to 5
    • Above and below lens sets available
    • Compatible with all Multigrade papersILFORD MULTIGRADE FILTERS are a fantastic addition to any darkroom. With 12 evenly spaced, speed matched grades, they enable simple contrast control for all variable contrast papers and allow a wide range of negative types to be printed.MULTIGRADE FILTERS are numbered 00–5 in ½ step increments with the lowest filter number corresponding to the softest contrast. They are easy to use with no complicated calculations required when changing from one filter to another – the exposure time for filters 00–3½ is the same which then simply doubles for filters 4–5.MULTIGRADE FILTERS are available in sets, 8.9 x 8.9cm (3½x3½”) and 15.2 x 15.2cm (6×6”), and can be used above or below the lens as well as cut to fit enlarger filter drawers as necessary. A filter kit is also available for below lens use, comprising of 12 mounted contrast filters, a mounted safelight filter and a filter holder.

      Individual grade, 30cm square filters are available to special order.

      For further information on Multigrade filters, please refer to the contrast control data sheet.

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  • Ilford Multigrade RC Deluxe Glossy Sheets

    4.590 kr.

    MULTIGRADE, Resin Coated, variable contrast black & white photo paper. Ideal for beginners and advanced users.

    • Medium weight 190gsm resin coated paper
    • Neutral base tint
    • Gossy
    • 24×30,5
    • 10stk
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  • Ilford Perceptol 1L

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  • Ilford Rapid Fixer 500ml

    7.250 kr.


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  • Kodak Dektol Paper Developer

    3.490 kr.
    • Powder B&W Paper Developer
    • Ideal for Tray Processing
    • Neutral/Cold Tones with Cold Tone Paper
    • Warm Tones with Warm Tone Paper
    • High Capacity and Uniform Development
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  • Kodak Developer D-76 3,8L

    4.790 kr.


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  • Kodak Developer Xtol

    4.390 kr.


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  • Kodak Photo Flo 200

    7.200 kr.
    • Wetting Agent for Film Processing
    • Reduces Streaking and Water Spots
    • Promotes Faster Drying
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  • Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner

    6.590 kr.
    • For RC or Fiber B&W Papers
    • Produces Purple to Dark Brown Color
    • Promotes Stability and Archivability
    • Enhances Dmax
    • Can Be Used with B&W Films
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  • Legacy Pro Tube Squeegee

    4.990 kr.
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  • Pana-Vue 2 Slide Viewer

    8.590 kr.
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  • Paterson 35mm Developing Tank

    9.990 kr.
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  • Paterson Bakkasett 12×16

    7.500 kr.
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  • Paterson Bakkasett 5×7

    2.500 kr.
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