• Nikon 10×50 CF WP

    89.900 kr.

    Waterproof, fog-free Nikon binoculars 10x50CF WP are ideal for outdoor use. Bright, beautifully defined images are delivered by superior quality, multilayer-coated objective lens. Originally designed for use under severe environment, for example, for marine use, nitrogen gas provides added resistance to the effects of changes in climate or weather. Furthermore, the rubber armouring ensures reliable performance and a comfortable grip, even during prolonged use. These binoculars ensure worry-free viewing of the great outdoors.

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  • Nikon 7×50 CF WP Global Compass

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  • Nikon 7×50 IF HP WP Tropical

    144.500 kr.
    • BAA190EA
    • Waterproof (up to 5m/16.4 ft. for 5 minutes) and fog-free with nitrogen gas
    • Horizontal and vertical scales for measuring dimensions or distances (scale type)
    • High-eyepoint design for a clear field of view
    • Large objective diameter for bright image
    • Can be fixed to a tripod using optional tripod adaptor
    • Polarising filter and horn-shaped rubber eyecup are available (options)

    Distance scale

    You can measure dimensions or distances if you know one of the values.

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  • Nikon Marine 7×50 IF WP

    78.500 kr.

    Binoculars Nikon Marine 7×50 IF WP with its 50mm wide entry lens and Nikon multilayer lens coating enrapture with sharp and bright image even at the low light conditions. They have a good combination of excellent optical characteristics and ergonomically designed housing, which is as expected water and a blow resistant. Binoculars are also designed for those who are wearing glasses. Therefore with its floating belt they are indispensable equipment for every sailor. Nikon Marine series has been especially developed for nautical use and for users who want to relay on water resistant and superb optical characteristics.  All the binoculars of this series have a Porro prism optical system and are filled with nitrogen to assure the use without any compromise even at really low temperatures or to prevent dewing at the inner side of the lenses. Some of the binoculars of Nikon Marine series are also equipped with build in compass and are especially appropriate for navigational usage. The series is also designed for an easy use with glasses, because of the longer distance between the eye and lenses (eye relief).

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  • Nikon Sportstar EX 8×25 DCF

    20.900 kr.

    Léttur sjónauki með þunnu, stílfærðu húsi, 8x stækkun, 25 mm linsu í hlutgleri og breiðu sjónsviði. Fjölhúðaðar linsur veita bjartar, skýrar myndir, jafnvel í lítilli birtu. Húsið er þakið gúmmíhúð til að fá öruggt grip og sjónaukinn er nógu fyrirferðarlítill til að passa auðveldlega í vasa eða poka. Þessi gerð, sem er hinn fullkomni ferðafélagi er tilvalin fyrir margvíslegar athafnir, þar með talið gönguferðir, náttúruskoðun, eða til að horfa á íþróttaatburði.

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  • Nikon Travelite EX 12×25



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  • Nikon Travelite EX 8×25 CF

    27.900 kr.


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