Gitzo GT1840C

64.400 kr.


  • Excellent Load Capacity
  • Reduced Weight
  • Opens in Less Than 15 Seconds
  • Anti-Dust Leg Locking System
  • Tripod Head Not Included


This Gitzo GT1840C Compact 4-Section Basalt Tripod (Series 1) comes with: G-Lock anti-dust leg locking system; anti-leg rotation (ALR) which allows you to open all the legs completely in less than 15 seconds; Ground Level Set, making it possible to work very low to the ground;  third ground-level leg spread for ultra-low ground position; and self-locking feet. Basalt tripods come with a Gitzo display cleaner and an anti-dust bag for storage and packing.

Excellent load capacity and torsion rigidity at reduced weight make this a great choice for DSLRs with lenses up to a maximum of 200mm, compact digital cameras, and MiniDV. Available at standard height, Series 1 is ideal when you’re on the move and when space and weight are key factors.  Tripod head is not included.

  • Excellent maximum load capacity and good torsion rigidity at a reduced weight
  • Ground level set allows you to remove the center column to save weight and get the camera closer to the ground–no tools needed
  • Center column locking collar above the tripod shoulder makes it easier to adjust the column quickly, with an anti-rotation grooved center column for improved stability
  • The built-in hook allows you to hang a stabilizing weight (e.g. a full camera bag or a sand/water bag) from the bottom of the tripod center column–useful with long/heavy lenses, on uneven ground or in windy conditions
  • Anti-Leg Rotation system means the tripod can be opened in less than 15 seconds by simply loosening all the twist locks on each leg at the same time, then pulling the leg down and tightening the locks individually
  • G-Lock locking mechanism is redesigned for a 20% increase in rigidity, faster operation and stronger, safer locking–and G-Lock’s design also has a “gravity lock” effect: the higher the load applied vertically to the leg, the stronger the lock
  • The rapid column can easily be inverted for an alternative shooting angle or low-level macro work
  • Provided with removable rubber feet, which allows you to easily change worn-out rubber feet or to fit other accessories, such as spiked feet or snow/sand shoes
  • Able to independently position the tripod legs in three positions

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