Genesis Cine VSS

45.540 kr.




Genesis Cinema VSS
The Genesis Cine VSS is a functional and versatile shoulder tripod for comfortably making stable recordings with your digital SLR camera or video camera. The rig is based on the widely used 15mm rail system, making it easy to expand with additional accessories and parts. For example, you can attach a follow focus system, matte box, microphone, LCD screen and much more to the shoulder tripod.
Easily expandable and customizable
The Genesis Cine VSS is equipped with a comfortable shoulder pad and two multifunctional handles. The position of the handles can be easily adjusted for the most comfortable use. The central element of the Genesis Cine VSS is a mounting platform on which you can mount the camera directly. You can also use an optional quick release plate for quick installation and removal of the camera. The shoulder tripod is made entirely of aluminum, making it not only very lightweight, but also very sturdy and durable.




  • Based on the Proteus rail system
  • Adjustable shoulder pad
  • Multi-functional handles
  • 15mm rail system for mounting accessories
  • Made of CNC machined aluminum
  • Weighs 1550 grams
  • 2 year warranty


In the box


  • Camera base plate
  • Two 25.4cm rails
  • Two 15cm rails
  • Two handles
  • Shoulder pad
  • Two 1/4″ female thread clamps
  • Two Allen keys

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