Gitzo Short Spike and Rubber Foot 38mm

8.990 kr.

  • Tripod accessory set of 3 short spike and rubber cap feet
  • 38mm foot diameter
  • Suitable for Gitzo tripods with 3/8″ screw attachments
  • High-quality stainless steel and resistant rubber material
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The Gitzo GSF38S Short Spike + Rubber Foot 38mm (set of 3) is a tripod accessory designed to reliably support gear on softer terrain, like grass or mud. The rubber foot is attached to the short spike like a cap, and can be pulled off when it’s time to use the spike. The resistant rubber material is highly stable, even on slippery floors. The diameter of the widest part of the rubber foot is 38mm. The spike is made of high-quality machined steel. The GSF38S Spike + Rubber Foot is compatible with all Gitzo tripods with 3/8” threaded legs. The GSF38S (along with the 30mm version GSF30S) replaces the G1220.129B3.

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