Godox Soft Tent ML-SC1625







Godox Soft Tent ML-CS1625
An Innovative Ligth System for Universal Use
Godox pioneering light accessories system will become your new inspiration with the powerful compatibility, portability and variability, elevating your lighting experience in all rounds.
Round head adapter
Round head adapter is applicable to all Godox round head flash such as V1 sereis flashes, AD100PRO pocket flash and AD200PEO round head flash
Rectangle to round head adapter
Rectangle to round head adapter is applicable to most square head flash, such as Godox V860III, V860II, V850III, TT685II, TT685, TT600, TT560II, TT520II, TT660S, AD200 square head flash and square head flashes of other brands.
Godox mount adapter
Godox mount adapter is applicable to all Godox video lights,  such as ML30, ML30Bi, ML60Bi, AD300PRO, AD400Pro.
Pleasant softness
Wrap your light into the tent or dome and you will get pleasant softness for beauty look.
More Possibilities than you expect.
The Collapsible design opens several ways to shap light. Use diffusion dome in fully extension for 360 degrees lighting, or collapses the back to diffuse at 180 degrees, and when collapsing the front, you can change the light quality for more dimensionality.
By the soft tent you get even panel light with changeable softness, at cost of just one modifier. Take advantage of variable light effects for all your needs!
Light weight
The new choice of soft material makes them lightweight and flexible in shape, easily to be squeezed as small as possible for storage or transportation.




  • Innovative light accessory
  • Pleasantly soft and even light
  • Variable lighting effects
  • Made of soft material, it is flexible and lightweight.
  • 2-year warranty


In the box


  • 1x Soft Tent ML-CS1625
  • 1x Godox mount adapter
  • 1x Roundhead adapter
  • 1x rectangle to round head adapter

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