Godox TL30 Tube Light RGB


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  • RGB ljós – stillanlegir litir
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  • App til að stilla – tengist í gegnum bluetooth
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This is the Godox TL30 RGBW Tube Light – a pocket sized LED tube with 36000 colors, with a build-in battery.
This light-saber-like stick features a bi-color Kelvin range from 2700-6500K, with an incredibly high TLCI rating of 99 and CRI rating of 97, rendering colors with super high quality. It also features full RGB gamut output for an array of up to 36,000 available colors, with green/magenta adjustability control, 13 tunable effects and integrated Lee and Rosco gel filters.

This light is super easy to bring, use and charge. It’s compact size and weight make it easy to hide, in under and above your subject. The internal battery charger from 0-100% within 2,4h – and gives you 2h of full 100% output in daylight color.

Controlling the light on location or in your studio is a breeze, with the free to download Godox Light app.

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