JJC FDA-K1 Film Digitizing Adapter Set


JJC FDA-K1 Film Digitizing Adapter Set
The JJC FDA-K1 is specially designed for copying negatives and converts film to digital files.
With the adapters supplied you can attach the set to various lenses and the angle of view and tilt can be adjusted using the angle adjustment ring on the barrel. Also included are special film holders for both filmstrips and mounted slides2 to keep the film taut and make it easier to handle. In addition, the set is particularly suitable for the Nikon D850 camera because of its special Negative Digitizer mode and the possibility of automatically reversing colours in the camera to speed up the digitization process. In addition, it is recommended to use natural light or a light source with a high Ra 3, such as a light box or a fluorescent lamp with a high CRI value, when copying a negative.


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