Full-Frame Sensor with Triple Resolution Technology

Capture the world with unparalleled brilliance and detail with the 60 MP resolution of the Leica Q3’s full-frame sensor. For those who prefer smaller file sizes, the Q3 also offers options to select either 36MP or 18MP resolution settings for DNG and JPG files. Regardless of the chosen resolution, the Q3 always uses the full size of the sensor with an impressive ISO range from ISO 50 up to ISO 100.000. The latest generation of the Maestro Series processor with L² Technology ensures excellent operating speed.


Advanced autofocus system

The Leica Q3 features a state-of-the-art hybrid autofocus system to ensure that no decisive moment will be missed. With its combination of a highly accurate contrast autofocus and depth from defocus system with a fast phase detection Autofocus, it provides high speed and precision when focusing and tracking objects. An intelligent subject recognition further supports the perfect shot.