Lowepro GearUp Accessory Strap Kit

6.990 kr.

Carry your gear any way you want with GearUp Accessory Strap Kit designed for almost any carrying configuration for camera, GearUp boxes and smartphone
  • Modular Strap system for multiple carrying configurations
  • 71% of all fabric used is recycled*
  • Compatible with all GearUp camera boxes and other accessories
  • Carry your phone, camera, or GearUp boxes any way you want to
  • All-in-one phone, camera, and accessory carrying tool
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Carry your gear in any configuration you might need. Customize your fit with the Lowepro GearUp accessory strap kit designed for multiple carrying configurations, carrying your phone, camera & Lowepro GearUp boxes wherever you need them.

The GearUp Accessory Strap Kit is compatible with all GearUp camera boxes (M, L, XL) and GearUp PRO camera boxes (L, XL).

The GearUp accessory strap kit includes 5 pieces: smartphone holder, shoulder/neck strap, elastic strap and two strap connectors. The smartphone holder can be attached in a Lowepro backpack shoulder strap or used with the elastic strap to be carried as a waist pouch. The shoulder strap can be attached through the strap connectors to a GearUp camera box (not included) or directly to a camera. The two strap conectors allow you to attach your camera or your GearUp camera box on the shoulder strap of your Lowepro backpack.

Shoot comfortably and carry efficiently in every scenario with GearUp Accessory strap kit.

*Measured following the GRI 301-2 standard as the percentage of the total recycled yarn used by weight to the total yarn used by weight.




0.11 kg

Total Volume

0.1 L

Main Color


Internal Dimensions

17 x 7 x 1 cm

External Dimensions

26 x 12 x 2 cm

Primary Device


Device Volume

0.1 L

Exterior Material

150 2 way span polyester, 100x300D Nylon & Polyester


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