Profoto A2

209.900 kr.



Profoto A2Great light will always be with you

Product number: 901250

Meet Profoto A2, the battery powered monolight made for a life on the move and every camera. Despite being the size of a soda can, the A2 delivers 400 full-power flashes at 100W from one battery charge. It keeps a recycling time of 0.05-1.3 seconds and functions at a range of 100m (330ft) with remote control and TTL. A2 is fully compatible with the Profoto system thanks to its built-in Bluetooth AirX technology and it’s an excellent companion in natural light settings. For more light-shaping opportunities, use it with the full range of Clic modifiers. Add the Clic OCF Adapter II  to your kit and access the +120 OCF light shaping tools to expand your possibilities.


  • Battery charging time of 115 min
  • Range of up to 100m (330ft)
  • 500 gram
  • Recycling time 0.05-1.3 seconds
  • Battery sustains up to 400 full-power (100w) flashes
  • Compatible with Profoto AirX
  • Instant firmware updates with Profoto Control App
  • Compatible with all A-series batteries

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