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Shoot without restraint. The Air Sync can wirelessly sync any Profoto light (that has built-in Air) with any camera that has a hot shoe. Unlike the AirTTL remotes, the Air Sync doesn’t provide TTL or HSS functionality yet it still provides the incredible sensation of shooting without any cords to cramp your creativity.

Air Sync uses the fastest system for remote radio sync available, and operates over the same impressive range of 300 m (1,000 ft). With central shutter cameras you can sync flash up to 1/1,600 of a second and have full control of ambient light. Shoot with more precision, higher trigger reliability and less delay – a whole lot more freedom.

The world’s fastest system for remote radio sync, fast enough to match a sync cable and sync up to 1/1600s.
Small and handy.
Sync any Profoto light that is compatible with Air.
Sync any flash brand or use it as remote shutter release for most cameras.
Unbeaten operating range of 300 m (1,000 ft).
8 digital channels.
Approved for worldwide use.

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