Profoto ProRing2 Plus

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ProRing2 Plus UV
A state-of-the-art ring flash with a powerful modeling light
Product number: 300519

The ProRing2 Plus is the choice of fashion photographers who want a direct and prominent key light, minus the harshness. When the lens is positioned in the center of the ring-shaped flash it creates a unique light with striking shadows. And because it is equipped with a built-in fan and modeling light, it is ideal for extended shooting opportunities.

The ProRing2 Plus is highly versatile so there is no one single way to use it. Some photographers like the fact that it’s mounted on the camera so it’s really easy to move with. Others love the unique catch light it creates. Whatever your preference, it stimulates your creativity and enables you to shape beautiful images. The ProRing2 Plus differs from the ProRing Plus in that it has a built-in fan and a powerful 200W modeling light that can be used to eliminate red eyes. Like all other Pro heads, it’s built to last a lifetime.

Can either be mounted on a stand or directly on the camera.
Creates a direct light without harshness.
Creates an inimitable catch light.
UV reduced flashtube and Arc-proof connector.
Powerful 200W modeling light.
Temperature controlled fan keeps head and accessories cool during heavy-duty use.
Designed to withstand years of heavy-duty use.
Compatible with a number of dedicated light shaping tools.

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