SmallRig 3468 Forevala S20 On-Camera Microphone

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SmallRig Forevala S20 On-Camera Microphone 3468
S20 is the first on-camera microphone of the Forevala series which was produced by SmallRig. Featuring a dual microphone combination and supporting stereo recording mode for greater presence/stereo sound pick-up. Built-in cardioid polar pattern on-camera microphone, combined with a customized cardioid polar pattern lavalier microphone, the combination of the two can effectively eliminate background noise and echoes, making it more suitable for interviews, live performances, and noisy environments. The shock mount with TPE shock-absorbing structure reduces vibrations and enables clearer and more stable sound. It’s featured as a plug-and-play on-camera microphone which means it doesn’t require batteries. Works with furry windshield and high-density foam cover can attenuate wind noise to produce high-definition sound.

Key Features:
1. Professional stereo and surround sound effect: Dual microphones & stereo mode, support left and right channel stereo mode recording, creating an immersive experience!
2. Built-in cardioid polar pattern microphone: Thanks to the built-in cardioid polar pattern mic, either of the microphones can effectively eliminate background noise and echoes and reduce noise from both side and back, making the more accurate, purer, and clearer record.
3. Vibration and noise reduction: The shock mount with high compatibility, fits both the cold shoe and the tripod with a 1/4” screw thread. The specially designed built-in TPE structure reduces vibrations and enables clearer and more stable sound.
4. Plug-and-play: No battery needs, just plug-and-play, hence no worry about the battery juice!
5. Windproof and noise reduction: Works with Furry windscreen and high-density foam cover attenuates wind noise to produce clearer and high-definition sound.

Package Includes:
1 x Forevala S20 On-Camera Microphone
1 x Customized Cardioid Lavalier Microphone
1 x Plush velveteen fabric storage pouch
1 x Furry Windscreen for On-Camera Mic
2 x Foam Windscreen for Lavalier Mic
1x Foam Windscreen for On-Camera Mic
1 × 3.5mm TRRS Cable (for mobile phone)
1 × 3.5mm TRS Cable (for DSLR camera/camcorder)
1 x Shock Mount
1 x SmallRig Customized Sticker Sets
1 x User Manual



Product Dimensions



Aluminum Alloy

Polar Pattern


Microphone Type

Condenser Microphone


-38dB(F=1kHz,S.P.L=1Pa 0dB=1V Pa)

Frequency Range




Input Jack

3.5mm Input Jack

Output Jack

3.5mm Output Jack

Product Net Weight


Product Package Weight


Package Size


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