Godox LC500R Led RGB Ljós

48.900 kr.

  • RGB stilling þar sem þú ræður lit ljóssins
  • Bi-color/CCT color stilling þar sem þú ræður lithitaljóssins, frá 2800K-8500K.
  • 14 special effect stillingar
  • Endurhlaðanlegt
  • 810 gr
  • 61,6 x 5,6 cm
  • Kemur með barndoors
  • ATH. Fjarstýring fylgir ekki með
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The lightweight and versatile LED RGB Light Stick LC500R from Godox combines an extended continuous variable color temperature range with a variable RGB color palate in a single, handheld wand. This 24.25″ light stick can be tuned to meet ambient conditions, match other fixtures, or just for creative color effects. Light intensity is continuously variable from 0 to 100% to meet your subject’s illumination requirements, and the high CRI 96 / TLCI 98 ratings mean colors and skin tones will render with peak accuracy. While its output is omni-directional, it can be shaped and directed by using the included two-way barndoors. The compact form factor allows the LC500R to fit in spaces other lights are just too big for, and each end has a 1/4″-20 socket to attach to light stands, clamps, or other grip equipment.

14 Customizable Programmed Effect Modes

  • RGB Color Cycle
  • Flash
  • Laser
  • Lightning
  • Flickering Bulb
  • Television
  • Candle
  • Fire
  • Fireworks
  • Police Car
  • Fire Engine
  • Ambulance
  • Music Mode
  • SOS


Godox Led LC500R RGB Light Tube
The lightweight and versatile Godox LC500R LED RGB Light Stick combines an extensive variable color temperature range with a variable RGB color palette in a portable tube. You can easily adjust the light tube to the ambient light and other lamps or use it for creative color effects.

High color accuracy
The brightness is continuously adjustable from 0 to 100% to meet your lighting requirements. Thanks to the high CRI of 96 and TLCI of 98, colors and skin tones are reproduced with maximum accuracy.
Versatile placement
Although the Godox LC500R spreads its light 360 degrees, it can be shaped and controlled with the included 2-way barndoors. The compact form factor makes the LC500R ideal for use in spaces where other lamps are simply too large. Each end has a 1/4 “-20 connection for placement on a light stand, clamp or other mount.
2.4GHz wireless remote control separately available;
The separately available 2.4GHz remote provides full control over the functions of the LC500R Light Stick and can operate multiple lights in up to 6 groups and 32 channels from a distance of approximately 50 meters.
Built-in music mode
In music mode, the LC500R adjusts the color and brightness of the LEDs to the beat of the music, making a simple recording look like a music video.

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